Sizing Guide


Wearing Shrinkx Hips Ultra in the 8 weeks after delivery will help provide permanent shrinking of your postpartum hips. Shrinkx Hips ULTRA comes in two sizes.  The best way to determine what size you need is to measure your hips.

Take a soft measuring tape, measure your hips then refer to the chart below.

XS/S – hips 28 to 40 inches (pre-pregnancy pant size 0-8)

M/L – hips 41 to 52 inches  (pre-pregnancy pant size 10-1X)

Still have questions about sizing?
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How To Wear


Step 1 : Place the ShrinkxHips belt so the top of the belt is two inches below your hip bones, and then secure the belt tightly around your hips with the main velcro closure. The back of the belt should sit straight across your buttocks.


Step 2 : Customize the amount of pressure on your hips by pulling the attached side straps around the ShrinkxHips belt. Pull the ends towards you until you receive the desired amount of pressure on your hips and then secure each strap firmly to the belt.


Step 3 : Wear ShrinkxHips throughout the day under, or over, your clothing. If your belt is riding up, try wearing it under your clothes or place the belt a little lower on your hips.