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Clinically proven to narrow hips.

Launched in 2009, Shrinkx Hips was the first postpartum compression band exclusively for the hips and is the only band clinically proven to narrow your hips! In a Clinical Study, 95% of moms returned to their pre-pregnancy hip size, or smaller, after wearing Shrinkx Hips. Still sound too good to be true?  Read more about the science behind Shrinkx Hips and the pelvic area most effected by the hormone Relaxin.

Shrinkx Hips Quotes“Postpartum looseness of the pelvic joints and
ligaments is real, due to the effects of the pregnancy hormone Relaxin. Applying pressure to the hips by using Shrinkx Hips while joints and ligaments are stabilizing can assist women in returning their hips to a pre-pregnancy size. “
-Steven Solomon, M.D., OB/GYN

Shrinkx Hips can be worn after c-section. If you’ve had a c-section check out our C-Panty after cesarean recovery underwear.  C-Panty speeds healing and slims the post baby belly.  Learn more about how c-section moms can feel better faster and get back to baby in comfort!

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