The Science Behind Shrinkx Hips


A woman’s body is uniquely designed to accommodate a growing fetus and childbirth. To prepare the pelvis for delivery, the hormone Relaxin is released during pregnancy, which allows pelvic joints to loosen and expand so baby can pass through birth canal. The pelvic area most affected by Relaxin is the Symphysis Pubis and Sacroiliac Joints.

Many women experience wider hips after pregnancy because of this natural occurrence but thanks to Shrinkx Hips postpartum compression belt, and the hormone Relaxin, wider hips don’t have to happen.

Hips after Childbirth

Hips after Shrinkx Hips




After delivery Relaxin levels remain elevated for up to 8 weeks keeping pelvic joints soft and malleable. Shrinkx Hips applies pressure directly to the hips while pelvic joints are stabilizing and guides hips back to their pre-pregnancy position, or smaller. Must be worn in the first 8 weeks after delivery while Relaxin hormone is still present and hips have not hardened again.

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